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Sensi Pro

Sensi Pro Is designed to accommodate the needs of the food animal industry for reporting antimicrobial susceptibilities by NCCLS and FDA recommendations.  Sensi Pro* will accept an ASTM file output from susceptibilities readers, parses the data, then imports it into several relational database files.  It will then suppress according to NCCLS and FDA standards and provide you the ability to review and, if need be, manually override the built-in suppression criteria which is based upon species and production type.

Besides printing well organized reports for the client, Sensi Pro* is an excellent data mining utility.  Sensi Pro* is built upon a popular desktop database engine that allows for custom queries and sorting of results without the need to learn Structured Query Language (SQL).

Key Functions & Benefits

  • Suppression and sorting of susceptibilities by approved veterinary specific interpretive criteria.
  • Custom suppression for non-regulated animal species.
  • User definable species and production type value lists.
  • User definable custom epidemiological surveys.
  • Ability to interface with ODBC compliant LIMS systems such as LIMS Pro*.


Description SKU # Price
Sensi Pro* SSENS $3,995
Maintenance Agreement (Optional) MSENS $350


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